‘As Strange As Familiar’

Here's the final publication we produced as a course for Ikon's Migrant Festival. My work can be found on pages 43 - 45. Its really nice to see everyone's work together and it's an interesting piece of collaborative work that explores the topic of migration from many different angles. as-strange-as-familiar-1Download

Reflection & planning with The GAP team

Before moving forward with the plans for constituting a new youth group, I wanted us to reflect as a team on our methods of engaging with young people so far over the past ten years of the company's existence. To do this, I first recorded an informal interview with Ceri, who founded the company, about... Continue Reading →

Walking Workshop for Ikon

As well as the document we've produced as a course for Ikon's Migrant Festival, a few of us will be collaboratively running a workshop on 20th August where we'll take a walk across the city centre from Ikon Gallery to Centrala. We'll each be contributing activities for attendees to do, based on the work we've... Continue Reading →

More youth group case studies…

I've been looking at some pre-existing youth groups at galleries and other arts organisations to see their approach and get inspiration for forming our own. What has been especially useful is seeing the language used to describe the programme to young people considering joining and attempts at making application processes accessible, including use of video... Continue Reading →

Peckham Youth Platform

This newspaper produced with the young people at Peckham Platform's Youth Forum is an interim report that reflects upon their work so far in order to feed into future delivery and strategy for the organisation going forward. This is a really useful document to keep referring back to when embarking on The GAP's journey of... Continue Reading →

Young Mammals

This youth group is part of the site- and social specific participatory arts organisation Mammalian Diving Reflex. Their approach in creating a youth group and producing youth-led work is really interesting to me and useful for thinking about my own approach to setting up a similar group at The GAP. In particular I like that... Continue Reading →

‘Young Ones’ Talk at Innovation in Engagement Conference

I attended this talk online as part of the Innovation in Engagement Conference, which describes itself as "Celebrating innovative social and cultural organisations that are adopting radically inclusive and collaborative approaches to working together, exploring alternative economies, investing in the local and exercising solidarity amidst increasingly divisive global politics." It was useful for thinking about... Continue Reading →


I'm really inspired by this project by artist Annette Zaragoza which uses a radically inclusive approach to arts education and uses clay as a means to get young people imagining abolitionist futures.

Rumpus Room

I recently came across Rumpus Room, "an artist-led organisation working in collaboration with young people, children & families on art & social action projects". They are based in the diverse area of Govanhill in Glasgow. Their work is really inspiring in the way they frame collaboration with children, young people and their families, particularly on... Continue Reading →

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